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V4 GL6CU11 IS489 LH28F004SCN-L90 LH5496H -25 PC357N9T PC810 LZ2513 LH28F400SUN-NC60 SM5K3 LZ2323H5 GP1C251 GL8EH5 GL8HS42 LH540204K-20 GL460 GL8HY25 GL1HD135 PC817BD LH28F002SCHB-L85 GL5ZR44 S212S01 LH543620M-20 GP1A50HR PQ05RF14 PT4850F LH1687 LQ058T5DRQ1

Sharp Datasheets कैटालॉग-48

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
GP1U782R SharpIR detecting unit for remote control
GL5EP5 SharpLED lamp
PQ7RV4 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
GL6CU11 SharpDichromatic LED lamp
IS489 SharpLow voltage operating type,high sensitivity OPIC light detector
LH28F004SCN-L90 Sharp4M (512K x 8) flash memory
LH5496H -25 SharpCMOS 512 x 9 FIFO
PC357N9T SharpPhotocoupler
PC810 SharpHigh sensitivity,AC input type photocoupler
LZ2513 Sharp1/5-type color CCD area sensor with 270K pixels
LH28F400SUN-NC60 Sharp4M (512K x 8, 256K x 16) Flash Memory
SM5K3 Sharp4-bit single-chip microcomputer(controller with 10-bit A/D converter)
LZ2323H5 Sharp1/3-type CCD area sensor with 320K pixels
GP1C251 SharpHigh speed type plastic fiber optics with built AMP.
GL8EH5 Sharp1.9 x 3.9mm,rectangle type, dichromatic LED lamp for indicator
GL8HS42 SharpLED lamp
LH540204K-20 SharpCMOS 1096 x 9 asynchronous FIFO
GL460 SharpDouble ended mold type infrared emittting diode
GL8HY25 SharpLED lamp
GL1HD135 SharpMini-mold LED lamp
PC817BD Sharp1-channel, high density mounting type photocoupler, CRT=130-600%
LH28F002SCHB-L85 Sharp2-MBIT (256KB x 8) smart voltage flash memory
GL5ZR44 SharpLight emitting diode
S212S01 SharpSIR type SSR for medium power control
LH543620M-20 Sharp1024 x 36 synchronous FIFO
GP1A50HR SharpOPIC photointerrupter
PQ05RF14 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
PT4850F SharpThin type phototransistor
LH1687 Sharp240-output TFT-LCD source driver IC
LQ058T5DRQ1 SharpColor TFT-LCD module

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