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LT9550E PC3Q711NIP GL5HJ43 LZ34B10 BSFZ68G61 LT6850 PT501 LH540202D-15 LH28F320S5HNS-L90 PC417 LR38266 GL3TR8 S21ME6F LZ93N61 LT1P67A LT120A LH28F002SCN-L120 PC703V1 GP1U580X LH28F160S3HR-L100 PQ05RB11 GL390V IS1622 LT1S51A PC367N1T ID340D01 LH28F016SCS-L100

Sharp Datasheets कैटालॉग-40

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
PC814X SharpPhotocoupler
LT9560V SharpLED large lamp
GL550 SharpHigh speed infrared emitting diode
LT9550E SharpLED large lamp
PC3Q711NIP SharpLow-input current type photocoupler
GL5HJ43 Sharp5mm(T-1 3/4), cylinder type, colorless transparance, high-luminosity LED lamp for outdoor use
LZ34B10 Sharp1/4-type color CMOS image sensor with 320K pixels
BSFZ68G61 SharpI/Q output satellite tuner
LT6850 SharpSolid state lamp
PT501 SharpNarrow acceptance phototransistor
LH540202D-15 SharpCMOS 1024 x 9 asynchronous FIFO
LH28F320S5HNS-L90 Sharp32-MBIT (4MB x 8/2MB x 16)Smart 5 Flash Memory
PC417 SharpCompact,surface mount ultra-high speed response OPIC Photocoupler
LR38266 SharpDigital signal processor for color CCD camera
GL3TR8 SharpSuper luminosity LED lamp/High luminosity LED lamp
S21ME6F SharpPhototriac coupler conformable to european safety standart
LZ93N61 SharpTiming pulse generator LSI for CCD
LT1P67A SharpLeadless chip LED device
LT120A SharpHall voltage 160mV GaAs hall device
LH28F002SCN-L120 Sharp2-MBIT (256KB x 8) smart voltage flash memory
PC703V1 SharpHigh collector-emitter voltage type Photocoupler
GP1U580X SharpIR detecting unit for remote control
LH28F160S3HR-L100 SharpLH28F160S3HR-L100 16MBIT (2MB x 8/1MB x 16)Smart 3 Flash Memory 56 pin TSOP
PQ05RB11 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
GL390V SharpThin bow type resin mold package infrared emitting diode
IS1622 SharpOPIC light detector for recorder type MD (mini disc) RF signal detection
LT1S51A SharpChip LED device
PC367N1T SharpLow input current type photocoupler
ID340D01 Sharp2MB flash memory card
LH28F016SCS-L100 SharpLH28F016SCS-L100 16M (2M x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory 40 pin STSOP

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