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1S JANTX2N6851 301U120P3 ST303C08CHK3 IRF7901D1 ST203S12PFJ0L 301U200P2 45LFR160D SD203N10S10PSC IRU1207-18CS SD453N12S20MTC ST300C04C0 IRFL014N SD150R20PSC SD823C25S20C ST203C10CHH1 IRF150 IRFR320 SD203N20S20MBC IRGBC20KD2 ST180C16C1 303U250P4 SD103N14S15PSC IR2132 IRU1050CT SD2

IR Datasheets कैटालॉग-12

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
SD203R04S20PSC IRFast recovery diode
IR2101S IRHigh and low side driver
JANTX2N6851 IRHEXFET power mosfet
301U120P3 IRStandard recovery diode
ST303C08CHK3 IRInverter grade thyristor
IRF7901D1 IRDual FETKY co-packaged dual MOSFET plus schottky diode . VDS = 30V, RDS(on) = 38mOhm (Q1). VDS = 30V, RDS(on) = 32mOhm (Q2 and schottky).
ST203S12PFJ0L IRInverter grade thyristor
301U200P2 IRStandard recovery diode
45LFR160D IRStandard recovery diode
SD203N10S10PSC IRFast recovery diode
IRU1207-18CS IR1A very low dropout positive fixed 1.8V regulator
SD453N12S20MTC IRFast recovery diode
ST300C04C0 IRPhase control thyristor
IRFL014N IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 55V, RDS(on) = 0.16 Ohm, ID = 1.9A
SD150R20PSC IRStandard recovery diode
SD823C25S20C IRFast recovery diode
ST203C10CHH1 IRInverter grade thyristor
IRF150 IRRepetitive avalanche and dv/dt rated HEXFET transistor thru-hole(TO-204AA/AE). BVDSS = 100V, RDS(on) = 0.055 Ohm, ID = 38A
IRFR320 IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 400V, RDS(on) = 1.8 Ohm, ID = 3.1A
SD203N20S20MBC IRFast recovery diode
IRGBC20KD2 IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor with ultrafast soft reconery diode
ST180C16C1 IRPhase control thyristor
303U250P4 IRStandard recovery diode
SD103N14S15PSC IRFast recovery diode
IR2132 IR3-phase bridge driver
IRU1050CT IR5A low dropout positive adjustable regulator
SD203N04S20MBC IRFast recovery diode
ST180S20M2L IRPhase control thyristor
IRG4BC10S IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor. VCES = 600V, VCE(on)typ. = 1.10V @ VGE = 15V, IC = 2.0A
ST3230C16R1L IRPhase control thyristor

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