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VAL-AD73360LEB EVAL-AD73322EB AD843SQ/883B ADG613YRU AD844AQ ADSP-2187L AD707 AD7510DIKP ADG212AKP AD781 ADP1148 AD5334BRU AD7849CN AD844SCHIPS ADSP-2186LKST-160 ADV7121KP80 ADM1486JR AD678KN AD8031AR ADN2841ACP-32-RL7 ADP3335ARM-2.85 AD650SD AD9048JQ AD5315 AD8554 AD7843ARU AD95

ADI Datasheets कैटालॉग-196

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
AD8552ARU ADI6V; zero-drift, single-supply, rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier
AD816AYS ADI18V; 500mA differential driver and dual noise (VF) amplifier. For ADSL, VDSL and HDSL line interface driver and receiver
EVAL-AD73360LEB ADI700mW; evaluation board six input channel analog front end
EVAL-AD73322EB ADI700mW; evaluation board for low cost, low power CMOS general purpose dual analog front end
AD843SQ/883B ADI18V; 1.5W; 34MHz, CBFET fast settling Op Amp. For high speed sample-and-hold amplifiers, high bandwidth active filters
ADG613YRU ADI1pC charge injection, 100pA leakage, CMOS +-5V/+5V/+3V quad SPST switch. For automatic test equipment, data acquisition systems, battery-powered systems, communication systems, sample and hold systems, audio signal routing
AD844AQ ADI18V; 1.5W; 60MHz, 1.1W; 2000V/mS monolithic Op Amp. For flash ADC input amplifiers, high-speed current DAC interfaces
ADSP-2187L ADI16-bit, 52 MIPS, 3.3v, 2 serial ports, host port, 160 KB RAM
AD707 ADIUltralow Drift Op Amp
AD7510DIKP ADI25V; DI CMOS protected analog switches
ADG212AKP ADI44V; 470mW; LC2MOS quad SPST switch
AD781 ADIHigh speed, monolithic SHA with a max acquisition time for 700 ns to 0.01% over temperature.
ADP1148 ADIHigh Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulators
AD5334BRU ADI2.5 V to 5.5 V, 500 uA, parallel interface quad voltage-output 8-Bit DACs
AD7849CN ADI0.4-17V; 10mA; 875mA; serial input, 14/16-bit DAC. For industrial process control, PC analog I/O boards, instrumentation
AD844SCHIPS ADI18V; 1.5W; 60MHz, 1.1W; 2000V/mS monolithic Op Amp. For flash ADC input amplifiers, high-speed current DAC interfaces
ADSP-2186LKST-160 ADI0.3-4.6V; 40.0MHz; DSP microcomputer
ADV7121KP80 ADI+7V; CMOS 80MHz, triple 10-bit video DAC. For high resolution color graphics, CAE/CAD/CAM applications, image processing, instrumentation, video signal reconstruction
ADM1486JR ADI+5V; 450-500mW; low power RS-485 PROFIBUS transceiver. For industrial field equipment
AD678KN ADI0.3-18.0V; 12-bit 200 kSPS sampling ADC
AD8031AR ADI2.7V; 80MHz rail-to-rail I/O amplifier. For high speed battery-operated systems, high component density systems
ADN2841ACP-32-RL7 ADI7V; dual-loop 50Mbps-2.7Gbps laser diode driver. For DWDM dual MPD wavelength fixing, SONET OC-1/3/12/48, SDH STM-1/4/16, fiber channel, gigabit ethernet
ADP3335ARM-2.85 ADI0.3-16V; 200mW; 500MHz, high accuracy ultralow 500mA anyCAP low dropout regulator. For PCMCIA card, cellular phones, camcorders and cameras
AD650SD ADI36V; 50mA; voltage-to-frequency and frequency-to-voltage converter
AD9048JQ ADI0.5-7V; 20mA; monolithic 8-bit video A/D converter. For professional video systems, special effects generators
AD5315 ADI2.5 V to 5.5 V, 500 µA, 2-Wire Interface Quad Voltage Output 10-Bit DAC in a 10-Lead MicroSOIC Package
AD8554 ADIWorld's Most Accurate Quad-Channel Amplifier at 3 V-5 V
AD7843ARU ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; touch screen digitizer
AD9560KR ADI7V; 10mA; high speed monolithic pulse width modulator. For laser printers, gray scale capability
AD7891AS-1 ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; LC2MOS 8-channel, 12-bit high speed, data acquisition system. For data acquisition systems, motor control, mobile communication base stations, instrumenatation

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