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M1485AR AD1403 ADSP-2186KST-160 AD704KN AD8367ARU AD7874 AD669 ADV7128 ADSP-2100ASG AD797BR-REEL7 AD7714YR AD9057BRS-60 AD7580JN AD586AR ADG202AKR SW06FQ AD7891AS-2 AD8072JR-REEL AD711JR-REEL REF43BRC/883 AD1154 AD976AN ADEL2020AN ADM693A AD7502SE ADR291ER EVAL-ADF4113EB1 AD7672K

ADI Datasheets कैटालॉग-185

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
AD7856AR ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; 8-channel 14-bit 285kSPS sampling ADC
ADG408TQ ADI44V; 20-40mA; LC2MOS 4-/8-channel high performance analog multiplexer. For audio and video routing, automatic test equipment
ADM1485AR ADI7V; 500mW; low power EIA RS-485 transceiver. For low power RS-485 systems, DTE-DCE interface, packet switching and local area networks
AD1403 ADI40V; low cost, precision 2.5C IC reference
ADSP-2186KST-160 ADIInstruction rate40.0MHz; DSP microcomputer
AD704KN ADI+-18V; quad picoampere inout current bipolar Op Amp. For industrial/process controls, weigh scales
AD8367ARU ADI5.5V; 200mW; 500MHz, linear-in-dB VGA with AGC detector. For cellular base station, broadband acceess, power amplifier control loops
AD7874 ADI4-channel Simultaneous Sampling, 12-Bit Data Acquisition System
AD669 ADIMonolithic 16-Bit DACPORT
ADV7128 ADICMOS 80 MHz, 10-Bit Video DAC
ADSP-2100ASG ADI0.3-7V; speed 8.192MHz; 12.5 MIPS microprocessor. For optimized for DSP algorithms including, digital filtering, fast fourier transforms,image processing, radar, sonar speech processing and telecommunications
AD797BR-REEL7 ADI18V; ultralow distortion, ultralow noise Op Amp. For professional audio preamplifiers, IR,CCD and sonar imaging systems, spectrum analyzres
AD7714YR ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; CMOS, 500uA, signal conditioning ADC. For poratble industrial intruments, portable weigh scales
AD9057BRS-60 ADI7V; 20mA; 8-bit 60MSPS converter. For digital communications, RGB and YC/composite video processing
AD7580JN ADI-0.3 to +7.0V; 450mW; LC2MOS 10-bit sampling A/D converter
AD586AR ADIInputV36V; 500mW; outputV4.980-5.020V; 3mA; to ground60mA; high precision 5V amplifier
ADG202AKR ADI44V; 470mW; LC2MOS quad SPST switches
SW06FQ ADI36V; 30mA; quad SPST JFET switch
AD7891AS-2 ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; LC2MOS 8-channel, 12-bit high speed, data acquisition system. For data acquisition systems, motor control, mobile communication base stations, instrumenatation
AD8072JR-REEL ADI13.2V; low cost, dual/triple video amplifier. For video line driver and computer video plug-in boards
AD711JR-REEL ADI+-22V; 500mW; precision, low cost, high speed, BiFET Op Amp
REF43BRC/883 ADI40V; low power precision voltage reference
AD1154 ADILow Cost, 16-Bit Accurate Sample-and-Hold Amplifier
AD976AN ADI25V; 700mW; 16-bit, 100kSPS/200kSPS BiCMOS A/D converter
ADEL2020AN ADI18V; improved second source to the EL2020
ADM693A ADIMicroprocessor Supervisory Circuit
AD7502SE ADI4-channel analog multiplexer
ADR291ER ADI18V; low noise micropower precision voltage reference. For portable instrumentation, precision reference for 3 or 5V systems
EVAL-ADF4113EB1 ADIGSM900 evaluation board for PLL frequency synthesizer
AD7672KP05 ADI-0.3 to +7V; 1000mW; LC2MOS high-speed 12-bit ADC

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