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PQ30RV2 GP1U287Q GL5HV8 LH28F400BGE-BL12 PC3Q64 GL3UR43 GL5HY43 LT253A S21ME5 LH28F008SCB-L120 LH28F016SCHS-L100 LT1ZG95A PQ12RF21 ID242DXX GP1A30R PC823A PT480F GP1A53HR LH532048N GP2L24 PD480PI LH5164AHN-80L PQ1CF1 GL8EG5 ID244H01 LH521028U-20 LM32K071 LH543611P-30

Sharp Datasheets कैटालॉग-83

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
GL5ZV302BOS SharpLihgt emitting diode
GP1A73A SharpCompact OPIC photointerrupter with connector
PQ30RV2 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
GP1U287Q SharpAnti electromagnetic induction noise type compact IR detecting unit for remote control
GL5HV8 Sharp5mm(T-1 3/4), cylinder type, colored diffusion, high-luminosity LED lamp for outdoor use
LH28F400BGE-BL12 Sharp4M-BIT (256K x 16)Smart Voltage Flash Memory
PC3Q64 SharpPhotocoupler
GL3UR43 Sharp3mm(T-1), cylinder type, colored transparency, high-luminosity LED lamp for backlight
GL5HY43 Sharp5mm(T-1 3/4), cylinder type, colorless transparency LED lamp for indicator
LT253A SharpGaAs hall IC for noncontact switch
S21ME5 SharpPhototriac coupler conformable to european safety standart
LH28F008SCB-L120 Sharp8MBIT (1 MB x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory 42pin CSP
LH28F016SCHS-L100 SharpLH28F016SCHS-L100 16M (2M x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory 40 pin STSOP
LT1ZG95A SharpLight emitting diode
PQ12RF21 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
ID242DXX SharpFlash memory card
GP1A30R SharpOPIC photointerrupter with encoder function
PC823A SharpAC input type & high noise reduction type photocoupler
PT480F SharpNarrow acceptance phototransistor
GP1A53HR SharpOPIC photointerrupter
LH532048N SharpCMOS 2M(128K x 16) MROM
GP2L24 SharpSubminiature,high sensitivity photointerrupter
PD480PI SharpHigh speed,narrow acceptance photodiode
LH5164AHN-80L SharpCMOS 64K (8K x 8)static RAM
PQ1CF1 SharpChopper regulator
GL8EG5 SharpLED lamp
ID244H01 Sharp10MB flash memory card
LH521028U-20 SharpCMOS 64K x 18 static RAM
LM32K071 SharpMedium size craphic type LCD module
LH543611P-30 Sharp512 x 36 x 2 synchronous bidirectional FIFO

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