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6169 SC1134CT-2.5DB SY47 EZ55Z3L-S5.TR 1N6154A SMF05CTG SC431CSK-2TR SY22 SD05CTG 1N4978SX68 SC1125.0CSK.TR SC2982CSK-4.0.TR SMDA15CN-5TB SC1566IT-1.8 SC1566I5M-1.8.TR EZ55Z3L-Z24.TR UR3HCGNP-001-RH SC1185-2.5ACSW.TR EZ1582CM-2.5.TR SC1156CSW.TR EZ5Z3-S3.TR EZ1588CT SC1452-1.8IMS

Semtech Datasheets कैटालॉग-8

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
SLVE2.8.TC SemtechEPD TVS diode for ESD and latch-up protection
1N6106 Semtech500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
1N6169 Semtech1500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
SC1134CT-2.5DB Semtech2.5V combination switching controller and low dropout regulator
SY47 Semtech10 watt voltage regulator
EZ55Z3L-S5.TR Semtech5V 0.25 Amp positive voltage regulator
1N6154A SemtechQPL 1500 watt axial leaded TVS
SMF05CTG SemtechTVS diode array
SC431CSK-2TR SemtechAdjustable shunt regulator
SY22 Semtech10 watt voltage regulator
SD05CTG SemtechSingle line TVS diode
1N4978SX68 Semtech5 watt voltage regulator
SC1125.0CSK.TR Semtech5.0V 105mA ultra low dropout micropower linear regulator
SC2982CSK-4.0.TR Semtech4.0V 50mA ultra low dropout, low noise micropower linear regulator
SMDA15CN-5TB SemtechBidirectional TVS array
SC1566IT-1.8 Semtech1.8V very low dropout 3AMP regulator
SC1566I5M-1.8.TR Semtech1.8V very low dropout 3AMP regulator
EZ55Z3L-Z24.TR Semtech24V 0.25 Amp positive voltage regulator
UR3HCGNP-001-RH SemtechIC converts PS/2 data to USB
SC1185-2.5ACSW.TR Semtech2.5V programmable synchronous DC/DC controller
EZ1582CM-2.5.TR Semtech2.5 V dual input low dropout regulator
SC1156CSW.TR SemtechProgrammable synchronous DC/DC controller
EZ5Z3-S3.TR Semtech1A 5V to 3V or adjustable output EZ dropper
EZ1588CT SemtechAdjustable 2.0 AMP low dropout positive voltage regulator
SC1452-1.8IMSTR Semtech1.8V dual 150mA LDO regulator
SC1132CT-3.3 Semtech3.3V combination switching controller and low dropout regulator
SC1660CNTR SemtechSwitched capacitor voltage converter
SK1904 Semtech19 signal distribution
SC1164-1.5CSW.TR Semtech1.5V programmable synchronous DC/DC controller
SC1563ISK-3.3TR Semtech3.3V very low dropout, low quiescent 500 mA regulator

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