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79 LT1001CN8 LT1767EMS8E-3.3 LT1777 LTC1290CISW LTC1273BCN LTC1594 LT1210 LTC1174HVCS8-5 LT1886 LTC1414 LTC1064-7MJ LTC1729 OP470 LT2078ACS8 LTC1708-PG LT1014ACN LT1270 LTC1177ISW-5 LT1132ACSW LT1537 LT1376IS8-5 LTC1565-31 LT1204 LT1341 LTC1426 LT1172MJ8 LT1253

Linear Datasheets कैटालॉग-11

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
LT1254 LinearLow Cost Dual and Quad Video Amplifiers
LT1010MH LinearFast +/-150mA power buffer
LT2079 LinearMicropower, Dual and Quad, Single Supply, Precision Op Amps
LT1001CN8 LinearPrecision operational amplifier
LT1767EMS8E-3.3 LinearMonolithic 1.5A, 1.25MHz step-ddown switching regulator, output =3.3V
LT1777 LinearLow Noise Step-Down Switching Regulator
LTC1290CISW LinearSingle chip 12-bit data acquisition system
LTC1273BCN Linear12-Bit, 300ksps sampling A/D converter with reference
LTC1594 Linear4- and 8-Channel, Micropower Sampling 12-Bit Serial I/O A/D Converter
LT1210 Linear1.1A, 35MHz Current Feedback Amplifier (CFA)
LTC1174HVCS8-5 LinearHigh efficiency step-down and inverting DC/DC converter
LT1886 LinearDual 700MHz,200mA Operational Amplifier
LTC1414 Linear14-Bit, 2.2 Msps, Sampling A/D Converter
LTC1064-7MJ LinearLinear phase, 8th order lowpass filter
LTC1729 LinearLi-Ion Battery Charger Termination Controllers
OP470 LinearDual/Quad Low Noise, Precision Operational Amplifiers
LT2078ACS8 LinearMicropower, dual, single supply, precision operational amplifier
LTC1708-PG LinearDual Adjustable 5-Bit VID High Efficiency, 2-Phase Current Mode Synchronous Buck Regulator Controller
LT1014ACN LinearQuad precision operational amplifier
LT1270 Linear8A and 10A High Efficiency Switching Regulators
LTC1177ISW-5 LinearIsolated MOSFET drivers
LT1132ACSW LinearAdvanced low power 5V RS232 5-drivers 3-receivers with small capacitors
LT1537 LinearAdvanced Low Power 5V RS232 Transceiver with Small Capacitors
LT1376IS8-5 Linear1.5A, 500kHz step-down switching regulators
LTC1565-31 Linear650kHz Continuous Time, Linear Phase Lowpass Filter
LT1204 Linear4-Input Video Multiplexer with 75MHz Current Feedback Amplifier
LT1341 Linear5V RS232 Transceiver with One Receiver Active in SHUTDOWN
LTC1426 LinearMicropower Dual 6-Bit PWM DAC
LT1172MJ8 Linear100kHz, 1.25A high efficiency switching regulator
LT1253 LinearLow Cost Dual and Quad Video Amplifiers

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