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74ALS164AD IN74LS245DW IW4017BN IN74ACT04D IN74HCT241AN IW4060BD IN74HCT04AD IN74HCT240AN IN74ACT20D IN74ACT192N IN74ACT02N IN74HC11D IW4020BDW IN91350AN IN74HC161AN IN74LS164N 78L09AC IN74HC112D IN74ACT620DW IN74HC251D IN74LS05N IN74ACT153N INA3010N IN74HC245AN IN74LS86N IN74HC1

Integral Datasheets कैटालॉग-8

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
IL494D IntegralPWM control circuit
IN74AC240N IntegralOctal 3-state inverting buffer/line driver/line receiver high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ALS164AD Integral8-bit serial-input/parallel-output shift register
IN74LS245DW IntegralOctal 3-state noninverting bus transceiver
IW4017BN IntegralCounter/driver, high-voltage silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ACT04D IntegralHex inverter high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HCT241AN IntegralOctal 3-state noninverting buffer/line driver line receiver, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IW4060BD Integral14-stage ripply-carry binary counter/divider and oscillator, high-voltage silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HCT04AD IntegralHex inwerter, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HCT240AN IntegralOctal 3-state inverting buffer/line driver line receiver, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ACT20D IntegralDual 4-input AND gate high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ACT192N IntegralPresettable BCD/decade UP/DOWN counter high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ACT02N IntegralQuad 2-input NOR gate high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC11D IntegralTriple 3-input AND gate, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IW4020BDW Integral14 stage ripply-carry binary counter/divider, high-voltage silicon-gate CMOS
IN91350AN Integral13 memory tone/pulse dialer with handfree and hold function
IN74HC161AN IntegralPresettable counter, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74LS164N Integral8-bit serial-input/parallel-output shift register
78L09AC IntegralChip for three-terminal positive voltage regulator IC
IN74HC112D IntegralDual J-K flip-flop with set and reset, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ACT620DW IntegralOctal 3-state inverting bus transceiver high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC251D Integral8-input data selector/multiplexer with 3-state outputs, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74LS05N IntegralHex inverters with open-drain outputs
IN74ACT153N IntegralDual 4-input data selector/multiplexer high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
INA3010N IntegralInfrarared remote control transmitter RC-5
IN74HC245AN IntegralOctal 3-state noninverting bus transceiver, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74LS86N IntegralOctal 2-input exlusive OR gate
IN74HC161AD IntegralPresettable counter, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC164D Integral8-bit serial-input/parallel-output, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74LS05D IntegralHex inverters with open-drain outputs

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