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FH481-2 TLE4263GM SLE24C01-D/P LOGK370-N HYB3164405ATL-60 HYB514400BJ-50 BCX58VII STM81005G BAR64-05 BYP302 HYB3164805BT-40 BFP25 TLE4270D HYB39S256800T-8B SFH3400-2 HYM368025S-60 HYB3165405TL-50 HYB5117400BJ-600 HYB39S16800BT-8 HYB3164405BT-60 LYT770-J LOT676-R BFY181ES KPY64AK

Infineon Datasheets कैटालॉग-75

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
BSS64 InfineonNPN silicon AF switching transistor
SLA24C01-S-3 Infineon1Kbit (128 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-Wire bus
SFH481-2 InfineonGaAlAs infrared emitters
TLE4263GM Infineon5-V low-drop voltage regulator
SLE24C01-D/P Infineon1 Kbit (128 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-wire bus and page protection mode
LOGK370-N InfineonOrange/green 3mm multi LED
HYB3164405ATL-60 Infineon16M x 4bit DRAM
HYB514400BJ-50 Infineon1M x 4bit DRAM
BCX58VII InfineonNPN silicon AF transistor
STM81005G Infineon1550 nm laser in coaxial package with SM-pigtail, medium power
BAR64-05 InfineonSilicon PIN diode
BYP302 InfineonFRED diode
HYB3164805BT-40 Infineon8M x 8bit DRAM
BFP25 InfineonNPN silicon transistor with high reverse voltage
TLE4270D Infineon5-V low-drop fixed voltage regulator
HYB39S256800T-8B Infineon256Mbit Synchronous DRAM
SFH3400-2 InfineonSilicon NPN phototransistor
HYM368025S-60 Infineon8M x 36bit EDO-DRAM module
HYB3165405TL-50 Infineon16M x 4bit DRAM
HYB5117400BJ-600 Infineon4M x 4bit DRAM
HYB39S16800BT-8 Infineon16Mbit Synchronous DRAM
HYB3164405BT-60 Infineon16M x 4bit DRAM
LYT770-J InfineonYellow TOPLED
LOT676-R InfineonOrange TOPLED
BFY181ES InfineonHiRel NPN silicon RF transistor
KPY64AK InfineonSilicon piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor
BPX87 InfineonSilicon NPN phototransistor array
SFH6316T InfineonHigh-speed optocoupler
BF660W InfineonPNP silicon RF transistor
SLA24C01-D-3/P Infineon1 Kbit (128 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-wire bus and page protection mode

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