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-FJ BCX68-25 HYB3164165BTL-60 HYS72V8000GU-10 LOA676-QT BAT68-06W SAE800 LY5421-S SAB82C215-16-N LSPT670-J HYM324000GD-60 TLE4279GM CLY10 HYB3165405T-60 LGK382-R SFH6319 KTY16-6 LWT676-M1 BCP52-10 IL211AT BCR192 BUP203 LOM770-K SLE24C02-S LYA670-J BUZ90A BCV26 SLA24C04-D-3/P LS33

Infineon Datasheets कैटालॉग-31

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
SAB80C537-N16 Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller
LR5460-FJ Infineon5mm red LED
BCX68-25 InfineonNPN silicon AF transistor
HYB3164165BTL-60 Infineon4M x 16bit EDO-DRAM
HYS72V8000GU-10 Infineon8M x 72bit SDRAM module
LOA676-QT InfineonOrange SIDELED
BAT68-06W InfineonSilicon schottky diode
SAE800 InfineonProgrammable single-/dual-/triple- tone gong
LY5421-S Infineon5mm yellow LED
SAB82C215-16-N InfineonData/address buffer of siemens PC-AT chipset (16MHz).
LSPT670-J InfineonMulti super-red/pure green TOPLED
HYM324000GD-60 Infineon4M x 32bit DRAM Module SMALL OUTLINE MEMORY MODULE
TLE4279GM Infineon5V low-drop fixed voltage regulator
CLY10 InfineonGaAs FET
HYB3165405T-60 Infineon16M x 4bit DRAM
LGK382-R InfineonGreen 3mm LED
SFH6319 InfineonLow-current, high gain optocoupler
KTY16-6 InfineonSilicon spreading resistance temperature sensor
LWT676-M1 InfineonWhite TOPLED
BCP52-10 InfineonPNP silicon AF transistor
IL211AT InfineonPhototransistor optocoupler
BCR192 InfineonPNP silicon digital transistor
BUP203 InfineonIGBT
LOM770-K InfineonOrange mini TOPLED
SLE24C02-S Infineon2 Kbit (256 x 8bit) serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-wire bus
LYA670-J InfineonYellow SIDELED
BUZ90A InfineonN-channel SIPMOS power transistor
BCV26 InfineonPNP silicon darlington transistor
SLA24C04-D-3/P Infineon4 Kbit (512 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-wire bus and page protection mode
LS3366-R InfineonSuper-red LED

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