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T672-NR HYB514405BJ-50 BFY193P ILD211 CGY0918 HYB39S64400AT-8 SAB80C537-N-T40/85 HYM72V4015GS-60 HYB3164165BT-60 BCX12 HYM64V8005GU-50 BAT17-06W BSP170 BAT15-014H SFH216 HYS64V1000GU-50 LHA674-LN LS3336-R LOA672-N LS3336-RU BUZ103S PSB2110-N SFH309-5 SLA24C64-S SAB-C504-L40M BC81

Infineon Datasheets कैटालॉग-21

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
IL485 InfineonOptically coupled high speed MOSFET driver optocoupler
SAB-C505-LM Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller
LGT672-NR InfineonGreen TOPLED
HYB514405BJ-50 Infineon1M x 4bit DRAM
BFY193P InfineonHiRel NPN silicon RF transistor
ILD211 Infineon2-channel phototransistor optocoupler
CGY0918 InfineonGaAs MMIC
HYB39S64400AT-8 Infineon64Mbit Synchronous DRAM
SAB80C537-N-T40/85 Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller
HYM72V4015GS-60 Infineon4M x 72bit EDO-DRAM module
HYB3164165BT-60 Infineon4M x 16bit EDO-DRAM
BCX12 InfineonNPN silicon AF switching transistor
HYM64V8005GU-50 Infineon8M x 64bit DRAM module
BAT17-06W InfineonSilicon schottky diode
BSP170 InfineonP-channel SIPMOS small-signal transistor
BAT15-014H InfineonHiRel Silicon schottky diode
SFH216 InfineonSilicon PIN photodiode with very short switching time
HYS64V1000GU-50 Infineon1M x 64bit EDO-DRAM module
LHA674-LN InfineonHyper-red GaAlAs SIDELED
LS3336-R InfineonSuper-red LED
LOA672-N InfineonOrange SIDELED
LS3336-RU InfineonSuper-red LED
BUZ103S InfineonN-channel SIPMOS power transistor
PSB2110-N InfineonISDN terminal adapter circuit
SFH309-5 InfineonSilicon NPN phototransistor
SLA24C64-S Infineon64 Kbit (8192 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-wire bus
SAB-C504-L40M Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller for external memory (40 MHz)
BC817-40 InfineonNPN silicon AF transistor
LSC876-NO InfineonSuper-red mini SIDELED
LSM676-MQ InfineonSuper-red mini TOPLED

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