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FS17W BA586 STM81004A SFH6106-2 TLE4269G BC847AW SAB80C517-N-T40/85 LGZ180-CO LSGT671-JL SAB80C515A-N18 LST670-JM LYM776-NR LD271 SLE24C16-D/P BAS16-02W BXY44P-FPES BFN25 BXY43-FPES BC618 HYB5116405BT-600 LH3344-QT HYM361120GS-70 LSM770-J HYB3116405BT-70 SLA24C64-S/P BSM191 BAS40

Infineon Datasheets कैटालॉग-122

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
LS3336-T InfineonSuper-red LED
LPC870-GK InfineonPure green mini SIDELED
BFS17W InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
BA586 InfineonSilicon PIN diode
STM81004A Infineon1550 nm laser in coaxial package with SM-pigtail, medium power
SFH6106-2 InfineonOptocoupler high reliability, isolation 5300V
TLE4269G Infineon5-V low-drop fixed voltage regulator
BC847AW InfineonNPN silicon AF transistor
SAB80C517-N-T40/85 Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller
LGZ180-CO InfineonGreen 2mm array LED
LSGT671-JL InfineonSuper-red/green multi TOPLED
SAB80C515A-N18 Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller for external memory, 18 MHz
LST670-JM InfineonSuper-red TOPLED
LYM776-NR InfineonYellow mini TOPLED
LD271 InfineonGaAs infrared emitter
SLE24C16-D/P Infineon16 Kbit (2048 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-wire bus and page protection mode
BAS16-02W InfineonSilicon switching diode
BXY44P-FPES InfineonHiRel silicon PIN diode
BFN25 InfineonPNP silicon high-voltage transistor
BXY43-FPES InfineonHiRel silicon PIN diode
BC618 InfineonNPN silicon darlington transistor
HYB5116405BT-600 Infineon4M x 4bit DRAM
LH3344-QT InfineonHyper-red 3mm GaAlAs LED
HYM361120GS-70 Infineon1M x 36bit DRAM Module
LSM770-J InfineonSuper-red mini TOPLED
HYB3116405BT-70 Infineon4M x 4bit DRAM
SLA24C64-S/P Infineon64 Kbit (8192 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-wire bus
BSM191 InfineonSIMOPAC module
BAS40-04 InfineonSilicon schottky diode
SFH310FA-3 InfineonSilicon NPN phototransistor

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