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S50MC IRGBC30MD2-S SD150R14MBC IRF3710S SD453R16S20PSC 300U10A SD203N14S10PC SD203N04S20PBC 130HF40MBV ST173S10PFK2 200HF40PBV SD500N30PC IRF9130 SD150R25MSC IR2113S SD300OC10K IRU1206-18CD ST300C20C0L SD803C16S15C IR51H320 IRFBA22N50A IRFU9120N 4730 305URA120P4 IRG4PH50KD IRF710

IR Datasheets कैटालॉग-95

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
ST280C06C2L IRPhase control thyristor
SD233N45S50MC IRFast recovery diode
IRGBC30MD2-S IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor with ultrafast soft reconery diode
SD150R14MBC IRStandard recovery diode
IRF3710S IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 100V, RDS(on) = 0.025 Ohm, ID = 57A
SD453R16S20PSC IRFast recovery diode
300U10A IRStandard recovery diode
SD203N14S10PC IRFast recovery diode
SD203N04S20PBC IRFast recovery diode
130HF40MBV IRStandard recovery diode
ST173S10PFK2 IRInverter grade thyristor
200HF40PBV IRStandard recovery diode
SD500N30PC IRStandard recovery diode
IRF9130 IRRepetitive avalanche and dv/dt rated HEXFET transistor thru-hole(TO-204AA/AE). BVDSS = -100V, RDS(on) = 0.30 Ohm, ID = -11A
SD150R25MSC IRStandard recovery diode
IR2113S IRHigh and low side driver
SD300OC10K IRStandard recovery diode
IRU1206-18CD IR1A very low dropout positive fixed 1.8V regulator
ST300C20C0L IRPhase control thyristor
SD803C16S15C IRFast recovery diode
IR51H320 IRSelf-oscillating half-bridge
IRFBA22N50A IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 500V, RDS(on) = 0.23 Ohm, ID = 24A
IRFU9120N IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = -100V, RDS(on) = 0.48 Ohm, ID = -6.6A
4730 IRStandard recovery diode
305URA120P4 IRStandard recovery diode
IRG4PH50KD IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor with ultrafast soft recovery diode. VCES = 1200V, VCE(on)typ. = 2.77V @ VGE = 15V, IC = 24A
IRF7103Q IRN-channel power MOSFET for anti-lock braking systems applications, 50V, 3A
IRF723 IRN-channel HEXFET, 350V, 2.8A
SD103N08S20PSC IRFast recovery diode
SD153R16S15PV IRFast recovery diode

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