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8512ALP-10 HM5164165J-5 HD74LS55 1SS286 HD74ACT139 2SJ586 HN58C256AFP-85 HA178L05 HB288256A6 HZS22-3 2SB1409(L) HM62256BLTM-4SL HM62256BLFP-4SLT HA16107P 2SK1402A HG62E58 HG62E15 2SJ387(L) HM628512BLPI-7 HD74LS78A HZS5B3 HD66724RA03TA0L HA12136AF HN58X2464TI 2SC1344 HM628512BLFP-

Hitachi Datasheets कैटालॉग-55

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
HD6303RL Hitachi1MHz CMOS micro processing unit (MPU)
HVD132 HitachiHigh frequency antenna switching diode
HM658512ALP-10 Hitachi4M PSRAM (512-kword x 8-bit), 2k refresh, 100ns access time
HM5164165J-5 Hitachi64M EDO DRAM (4-Mword x 16-bit), 50ns
HD74LS55 Hitachi2-wide 4-input AND-OR-INVERT Gates
1SS286 HitachiSilicon Schottky barrier diode for varios detectors, high speed switching
HD74ACT139 HitachiDual 2-to-4 line Decoder/Demultiplexer
2SJ586 HitachiPower small signal switching MOSFET
HN58C256AFP-85 Hitachi265K EEPROM (32-kword x 8-bit), 85ns access time
HA178L05 HitachiPositive Voltage 3-Terminal Regulator
HB288256A6 HitachiFlash ATA card 256 MByte
HZS22-3 Hitachi22.3-23.3V zener diode for stabilized power supply
2SB1409(L) HitachiBipolar power general purpose transistor
HM62256BLTM-4SL Hitachi32768-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 45ns
HM62256BLFP-4SLT Hitachi32768-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 45ns
HA16107P Hitachi600 kHz PWM switching regulator controller
2SK1402A HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HG62E58 Hitachi0.3-6.7 V, master slice CMOS gate array
HG62E15 Hitachi0.3-6.7 V, master slice CMOS gate array
2SJ387(L) HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HM628512BLPI-7 Hitachi4M SRAM (512-kword x 8-bit), 70ns access time
HD74LS78A HitachiDual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset, Common Clear, and Common Clock
HZS5B3 Hitachi4.8-5.0V zener diode for stabilized power supply
HD66724RA03TA0L HitachiGraphic LCD controller/driver with key scan function
HA12136AF HitachiDolby B-type noise reduction system, 580mVrms dolby level
HN58X2464TI HitachiTwo-wire serial interface 64k bit (8192 x 8-bit), operating voltage 1.8V to 5.5V, 400kHz
2SC1344 HitachiSmall signal general purpose transistor
HM628512BLFP-5SL Hitachi4M SRAM (512-kword x 8-bit), 55ns access time
2SK1773 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HA16117FPA HitachiWatch dog timer

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