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-V MB86831PFV FAR-M2SC-13M500-D116 MB84VA2101-10 FAR-C4SA-03580-L21-U FAR-C4CQ-10000-M01-RR FAR-C3SB-08000-K01-U MB89PV150CF-103 MBM29F400TC-70PFTR MBM29DL163TE-90TR FAR-C3SB-06000-K01-T FAR-C1SB-10000-K01-U MB89V625P-SH MB40166P FAR-C4SA-04000-M21-T MBM29DL323TD90PFTN MB89P601PF

Fujitsu Datasheets कैटालॉग-81

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
FAR-F5CE-915M00-D238-V FujitsuPiezoelectric SAW BPF(700 to 1000 MHz)
MB86831PFV FujitsuMicroprocessor SPARlite 32-bit embedded controller
FAR-M2SC-13M500-D116 FujitsuVoltage controlled oscillator (4 to 30MHz)
MB84VA2101-10 FujitsuCMOS 16M (x8)flash memory & 2M (x8)static RAM
FAR-C4SA-03580-L21-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C4CQ-10000-M01-RR FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator (4 to 16 MHz)
FAR-C3SB-08000-K01-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
MB89PV150CF-103 Fujitsu8-bit proprietary microcontroller
MBM29F400TC-70PFTR FujitsuCMOS 4M (512M x 8/256 x 16) bit
MBM29DL163TE-90TR FujitsuFlash memory CMOS 16M (2M x 8/1 x 16)bit dual operation
FAR-C3SB-06000-K01-T FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C1SB-10000-K01-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
MB89V625P-SH Fujitsu8-bit proprietary microcontroller
MB40166P FujitsuAD/DA converter
FAR-C4SA-04000-M21-T FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
MBM29DL323TD90PFTN FujitsuCMOS 32M (4M x 8/2M x16) bit dual operation
MB89P601PFV Fujitsu8-bit proprietary microcontroller
MBM29LV008BA-70PTN FujitsuCMOS 8M (1M x 8) bit
MB89PV190ACF Fujitsu8-bit proprietary microcontroller
FAR-F5CH-911M50-L2DL-T FujitsuPiezoelectric SAW BPF (700 to 1000 MHz)
FAR-C3SA-04194-J10-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C1CB-06144-K01-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C4SB-14746-L22-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C1SB-11000-K01-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
MB3775 FujitsuSwitching regulator controller
MB89915P-SH Fujitsu8-bit proprietary microcontroller
FAR-C3SB-16000-J11-T FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
MB3773 FujitsuPower supply monitor with watch-dog timer
MB3883PFV Fujitsu6-ch DC/DC converter IC with synchronous rectifier for voltage step-up and step-down
FAR-C4CB-11059-M12-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator

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