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6GS AD7237 ADMC300BST AD736KR-REEL-7 ADG508F SSM2165 ADDAC85-CBI-V ADG467 AD421BRRL AD645SH/883B AD7010 AD678SD AD816AYR AD7397AR ADDAC87-CBI-V AD7545ATE ADM709SAN AD7824TQ AD9631 ADV453TQ/883B AD8511 AD7248AAN ADM3485E AD7822BRU ADP3301AR-3.2 AD1862N-J AD693AD AD7750

ADI Datasheets कैटालॉग-92

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
AD810AR ADI18V; 800MHz, 50mW low power video Op Amp with disable. For professional video cameras, multimedia systems, NTSC,PAL & SECAM compatible systems, video line driver
AD7538KN ADI-0.3 to +17V; 1000mW; LC2MOS uP-compatible 14-bit DAC. For microprocessor based control systems, digital audio
SW06GS ADI36V; 30mA; quad SPST JFET switch
AD7237 ADIDual 12-Bit Complete DAC with Double Buffered Byte Loading
ADMC300BST ADI0.3-7V; 25MHz; high performance DSP-based motor controller
AD736KR-REEL-7 ADI+-16.5V; 200mW; low cost, low power, tue RMS-to-DC converter
ADG508F ADI4/8 Channel Fault-Protected Analog Multiplexers
SSM2165 ADIMicrophone Preamplifier with Variable Compression & Noise Gating
ADDAC85-CBI-V ADIComplete low cost, linearity error +/- 1/2 LBS, binary input
ADG467 ADIOctal Channel Protector (Fault and Overvoltage Protection)
AD421BRRL ADI0.5V; 450-670mW; loop-powered 4mA to 20mA DAC
AD645SH/883B ADI18V; 500-750mW; low noise, low drift FET operational amplifier. For low noise photodiode preamps, CT scanners, precision I-V converters
AD7010 ADICMOS JDC p/4 DQPSK Baseband Transmit Port
AD678SD ADI0.3-18.0V; 12-bit 200 kSPS sampling ADC
AD816AYR ADI18V; 500mA differential driver and dual noise (VF) amplifier. For ADSL, VDSL and HDSL line interface driver and receiver
AD7397AR ADI0.3-8V; parallel input dual 12-bit DAC. For automatic output span voltage, portable communications
ADDAC87-CBI-V ADI+-12V power supply; 300mW; complete low cost 12-bit A/D converter
AD7545ATE ADI-0.3 to +17V; 450mW; CMOS 12-bit buffered multiplying DAC
ADM709SAN ADI0.3-6V; 470-727mW; power supply monitor with reset. For microprocessor systems, computers and controllers
AD7824TQ ADI0-7V; 450mW; LC2MOS high speed, uP-compatible 8-bit ADC
AD9631 ADIUltralow Distortion, High Speed Op Amp, Stable at Gain of 1
ADV453TQ/883B ADICMOS 40 MHz monolithic 256 x 24 color palette RAM-DAC
AD8511 ADI11-Channel, Multiplexed Input, LCD
AD7248AAN ADI0.3-17V; 450mW; LC2MOS 12-bit DACPORT
ADM3485E ADIESD Protected, EMC Compliant, 3.3V, 20 Mbps, EIA RS-485 Transceiver
AD7822BRU ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; 2MSPS, 8-bit 1/4/8-channel sampling ADC. For data acquisition systems, DSP front ends, disk driver
ADP3301AR-3.2 ADIOutputV 3.2V; high accuracy anyCAP 100mA low dropout linear regulator. For cellular telephones; notebook, palmtop computers; battery powered systems and portable instruments
AD1862N-J ADI0-13.2V; ultralow noise 20-bit audio DAC. For high performance compact disc players, digital audio amplifiers, synthesizer keyboards
AD693AD ADI36V; 200mA; loop- powered 4-20mA sensor transmitter
AD7750 ADIProduct-to-Frequency Converter for Multiple Applications

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