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KP AD53032 AD8611AR AD8302ARU AD7574 AD7543TQ ADG732BSU ADG467BR ADM8828 AD584 AD7549SQ AD9057/PCB SSM2404P AD7829BR OP179GRU TMP36 ADSP-2163KP-66 AD390TD AD676BD AD534TD/883B AD670KN AD7898AR-10 ADG221KP AD7243BN AD831 AD7885AAP AD580 ADM691SQ

ADI Datasheets कैटालॉग-59

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
AD2S80A ADI14V; 300mW; variable resolution, monolithic resolver-to-digital converter. For DC brushless and AC motor control, process control
OP200 ADIDual Low Offset, Low Power Operational Amplifier
AD7878KP ADI0.3-7V; 1000mW; LC2MOS complete, 12-bit, 100kHz, sampling ADC with DSP interface. For digital signal processing, speech recognition and synthesis, high speed modems, DSP servo control
AD53032 ADIDRIVER/COMPARATOR/LOAD A single chip that performs the pin electronics functions of driver, comparator and active load in ATE VLSI and memory testers
AD8611AR ADI7.0V; 10mA; unltrafast 4ns single supply comparator. For high-speed timing, clock recovery and clock distribution, line receiver
AD8302ARU ADI5.5V; LF-2.7GHz FR/IF gain and phase detector. For RF/IF PA linearization, precise RF power control
AD7574 ADI8-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
AD7543TQ ADI0 to +7V; 670mW; CMOS serial input 12-bit DAC
ADG732BSU ADI16-/32-channel, 3.5 OHm, 1.8V to 5.5V, +-2.5V, analog multiplexer
ADG467BR ADI44V; 20-40mA; triple and octal channel protector for ATE equipment
ADM8828 ADISwitched-Capacitor Voltage Inverter with Shutdown
AD584 ADIPin Programmable Precision Voltage Reference
AD7549SQ ADI-0.3 to +17V; 450mW; LC2MOS dual 12-bit uP-compatibleDAC. For automatic test equipment, programmable filters, audio systems
AD9057/PCB ADI7V; 20mA; 8-bit 80MSPS converter. For digital communications, RGB and YC/composite video processing
SSM2404P ADI27V; 20mA; quad audio switch
AD7829BR ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; 2MSPS, 8-bit 1/4/8-channel sampling ADC. For data acquisition systems, DSP front ends, disk driver
OP179GRU ADI16V; 50mA; rail-to-rail high output current operational amplifier. For multimedia, telecom, DAA transformer driver, LCD driver, low voltage servo control, modems, FET drivers
TMP36 ADILow Voltage Temperature Sensor, Vo=750 mV at + 25 Deg C
ADSP-2163KP-66 ADI16-Bit fixed-point DSP microprocessors with on-chip memory, data memory=0.5K, program memory=4K, 16.67 MHz
AD390TD ADI0-18V; quad 12-bit microprocessor- compatible D/A converter
AD676BD ADI0.3-26.4V; 16-bit 100 kSPS sampling ADC
AD534TD/883B ADI18V; 500mW; internally trimmed precision IC multiplier for high quality analog signal processing and diffrential ratio and percentage computations
AD670KN ADI0-7.5V; 450mW; low cost signal conditioning 8-bit ADC
AD7898AR-10 ADI5V; 450mW; 12-bit, serial 220kSPS ADC in an 8-lead package
ADG221KP ADI44V; 30mA; 470mW; LC2MOS quad SPST switch
AD7243BN ADI-0.3, +17V; 450mW; LC2MOS 12-bit serial DACPORT. For process control, industrial automation
AD831 ADIHigh-Performance, Low Distortion 500-MHz Mixer
AD7885AAP ADI0.3-7V; 1000mW; LC2MOS 16-bit, high speed sampling ADC. For automatic test equipment, medical instrumentation, industrial control, data acquisition systems, robotics
AD580 ADI40V; 350mW; high precision 2.5V IC reference
ADM691SQ ADI0.3-6V; 400-600mW; microprocessor supervisory circuit. For microprocessor systems, computers, controllers

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