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2 AD7874BN EVAL-ADF4213EB1 AMP04FP AD7547TE AD8001ACHIPS ADG527AKR AD830JR OP196HRU AD2S80ASE AD781JN AD9660 AD7575KP ADM211AR AD624SD/883B AD688 AD600JR ADM802LAN ADSP-21065L ADV7129KS ADP3404ARU AD9050 AD7314ARM ADG222KP AD534KD AD9280 AD736JN OP284

ADI Datasheets कैटालॉग-40

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
AD7886KD ADI1000mW; LC2MOS 12-bit, 750kHz/1MHz, sampling ADC. For digital signal processing, speech recognition and systhesis, spectrum analysis, DSP servo control
OP32FZ ADI18V; high-speed programmable micropower operational amplifier
AD842 ADI18V; 1.3W; wideband fast settling Op Amp
AD7874BN ADI0.3-7V; 1000mW; LC2MOS 4-channel, 12-bit, simultaneous sampling data acquisition system. For sonar, motor controllers, adaptive filetrs, digital signal processing
EVAL-ADF4213EB1 ADIEvaluation board for PLL frequency synthesizer
AMP04FP ADI+-18V; precision, single supple instrumentation amplifier. For strain gages, thermocouples, RSDs, battery-powered equipment, medical instrumentation
AD7547TE ADI-0.3 to +17V; 450mW; LC2MOS parallel loading dual 12-bit DAC. For automatic test equipment, programmable filters, audio applications
AD8001ACHIPS ADI12.6V; 800MHz, 50mW current feedback amplifier. For A-to-D driver, video line driver, professional cameras, video switchers , special effects, RF receivers
ADG527AKR ADI44V; 20-40mA; 470mW; CMOS latched 8-/16-channel analog multiplexer
AD830JR ADIHigh speed, video difference amplifier
OP196HRU ADI15V; micropower, rail-to-rail input and output operational amplifier. For battery monitoring, sensor conditioners
AD2S80ASE ADI14V; 860mW; variable resolution, monolithic resolver-to-digital converter. For DC brushless and AC motor control, process control, numeral control of machine tools, robotics, axis control, military servo control
AD781JN ADI-0.3 to +15V; 195mW; complete 700ns sample-and-hold amplifier
AD9660 ADI200 MHz Laser Diode Driver with Light Power Control
AD7575KP ADI-0.3 to +7.0V; 450mW; LC2MOS 8-bit ADC with track/hold
ADM211AR ADI0.3-6V; nominal5V; 500-1000mW; CMOS RS-232 driver/receiver. For computers, peripherals, modems, printers, instruments
AD624SD/883B ADI+-18V; 420mW; precision instrumentation amplifier
AD688 ADIHigh Precision ±10 V Reference
AD600JR ADIGain range0 to 40dB ;+-7.5V; 600mW; daual, low noise, wideband variable gain amplifier. For ultrasound and sonar time-gain control, high performance audio and RF AGC systems and signal measurement
ADM802LAN ADI0.3-6V; 400-500mW; microprocessor supervisory circuit. For microprocessor systems, computers, controllers, intelligent instrumnts
ADSP-21065L ADILow-cost SHARC, 60 MHz, 180 MFLOPS, 3.3v, floating point
ADV7129KS ADI7V; 60mA; 192-bit, 360MHz true color video DAC with onboard PLL. For ultrahigh resolution color graphics and image processing
ADP3404ARU ADI0.3-10V; GSM power management systems. For GSM/DCS/PCS handsets, telematic systems, ICO/iridium terminals
AD9050 ADI10-Bit, 40 MSPS/60 MSPS A/D Converter
AD7314ARM ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; low-voltage, 10-bit digital temperature sensor. For hard disk drives, personal computers
ADG222KP ADI44V; 30mA; 470mW; LC2MOS quad SPST switch
AD534KD ADI18V; 500mW; internally trimmed precision IC multiplier for high quality analog signal processing and diffrential ratio and percentage computations
AD9280 ADI8-Bit, Complete, 32 MSPS A/D Converter
AD736JN ADI+-16.5V; 200mW; low cost, low power, tue RMS-to-DC converter
OP284 ADIDual Precision Rail-to-Rail Input & Output Operational Amplifier

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