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7376AN10 AD7306 AD9760AR50 ADSP-2171 ADEL2020AR-20 AD1803JRU AD7862BR-3 JM38510/13901BIA ADG419BN AD7541ASQ AD7893AR-10 AD7512DIKQ ADM238LAN AD652BQ AD8151-EVAL AD9243AS AD5011 AD7547BQ AD8182AR-REEL7 AD712TQ AD7843ARU-REEL7 ADSP-2183KST-160 AD569SD AD2S81ALP ADM706PAR ADM8696 AD

ADI Datasheets कैटालॉग-159

भाग नहींनिर्माताअनुप्रयोग
ADG527AKN ADI44V; 20-40mA; 470mW; CMOS latched 8-/16-channel analog multiplexer
AD589SH ADIOutputV1.235V; 125mW; 10mA; 2-terminal IC 1.2V reference
AD7376AN10 ADI0.3-30V; 20mA; operational digital potentiometer. For mechanical potentional replacement, instrumentation gain, offset adjustment
AD7306 ADI+5 V Powered RS-232/RS-422 Transceiver
AD9760AR50 ADI10-bit, 125MSPS TxDAC D/A converter. For communications transmit channel basestations, set top boxers, digital radio link
ADSP-2171 ADI16-bit, 33 MIPS, 5v, 2 serial ports, host port
ADEL2020AR-20 ADI18V; improved second source to the EL2020
AD1803JRU ADI0.3-4.6V; 10mA; modem/telephony codec
AD7862BR-3 ADI0.3-7V; 450-670mW; simultaneous sampling dual 250kSPS 12-bit ADC. For AC motor control, uninterrupted power supplies, data acquisition systems, communications
JM38510/13901BIA ADI18V; 500mW; internally trimmed precision IC multiplier for high quality analog signal processing and diffrential ratio and percentage computations
ADG419BN ADI44V; 30-100mA; 400mW; LC2MOS precision mini-DIP analog switch. For precision test equipment, pres. instrumentation
AD7541ASQ ADI+17V; 450mW; CMOS 12-bit monolithic multiplying DAC
AD7893AR-10 ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; LC2MOS 12-bit, serial 6 mS ADC
AD7512DIKQ ADI25V; DI CMOS protected analog switches
ADM238LAN ADINominal+5V; CMOS RS-232 driver/receiver. For computers, peripherals, modems, printers, instruments
AD652BQ ADI36V; 50mA; monolithic synchronous voltage-to-frequency converter
AD8151-EVAL ADI10.5V; 4.2W; 33 x 17, 3.2Gb/s digital crosspoint switch. For high-speed serial backplane routing to OC-48 with FEC, fiber optic network switching, fiber channel, LVDS
AD9243AS ADI6V; 10mA; complete 14-bit, 3.0 MSPS monolithic A/D converter
AD5011 ADI2pair / 1pair ETSI compatible HDSL analog front end
AD7547BQ ADI-0.3 to +17V; 450mW; LC2MOS parallel loading dual 12-bit DAC. For automatic test equipment, programmable filters, audio applications
AD8182AR-REEL7 ADI12.6V; 0.9-1.6W; 750MHz, 3.8mA 10ns switching multiplexer. For pixel switching for picture-in-picture
AD712TQ ADIDual-precision, low-cost, high-speed, BiFET op amp
AD7843ARU-REEL7 ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; touch screen digitizer
ADSP-2183KST-160 ADI0.3-4.6V; DSP microcomputer
AD569SD ADI+18V,-0.3V; 1000mW; 16-bit monolithic voltage output D/A converter. For robotics, closed-loop positioning, high-resolution ADCs
AD2S81ALP ADI14V; 300mW; variable resolution, monolithic resolver-to-digital converter. For DC brushless and AC motor control, process control
ADM706PAR ADI0.3-6V; monitoring supervisory circuit. For microprocessor systems and computers
ADM8696 ADIMicroprocessor Supervisory Circuits
AD1868R-J ADI0-6V; single supply dual 18-bit audio DAC. For portable compact disc players
AD639BD ADIUniversal trigonometric function converter

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